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Cardiff's Leading

Passport & Visa Photo Specialists

We produce photos accurately for all countries including Passport, Visa, Immigration, Citizenship, ID Photos, US Green Card and International Driving Licenses.


We offer Digital as well as Physical Printed Hard Copies for your online applications.


Samples of some of the International Passport Photos that we produce.



If you are living in the UK as a foreign national it can be very difficult to find a studio that can accurately produce a biometric standard passport or visa photo for your country.


You will be glad to know that we produce photos for every country. We have acquired a vast knowledge and gained a lot of expertise for all the countries photos we produce. We regularly keep up to date with any major passport and visa photo rules when they come into force.


These often include the outer size dimensions, facial dimensions, background, eye alignment and special papers to be printed on.


Our photos are 100% guaranteed to conform to the new international biometric standards as set out by each country.


Please pop into the studio with confidence. If you are travelling from outside Cardiff, please phone the studio before travelling, just in case we are very busy.